Coffee Soap


  • Made with coffee for it antioxidants & exfoliating effect plus oats for extra moisturizing. This is a great soap for helping the skin to cope with the demands of a 21st century lifestyle.
  • Surprisingly, the aroma of coffee is quite subtle. The coffee is actually cooked into the soap.
  • My experience was that my skin felt great after using this. Most definitely a favorite in my own bathroom!


All of our soaps are handmade right here in the farmhouse & all lavender/herbs in the products are from our own farm. We grow using sustainable & organic methods.
What makes our soap such a great gift? Everybody needs soap so why not give them the best soap? The base of this range is our own olive oil soap which we formulated to be extra moisturizing and great for sensitive skin. They are all vegetarian, many are vegan (it’s the honey in some that makes the difference) and all are gluten free.
We do not use artificial fragrances or colorings. Any aroma or color in our products comes only from herbs, spices, essential oils or a mixture of these.
If you have any concerns about allergies please use the ‘contact us’ section to let us know and we will work with you so that you can purchase safely.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Vegetarian and Vegan
Gluten Free

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