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Our dish soap is an entirely different formulation to our regular soaps. The reason is simple, dishwashing has different requirements than body washing! This soap is very hard and contains no essential oils. It’s just very simple and very effective. This product comes in an aluminum cup with a clear lid, and is accompanied by a dishwashing brush that is suitable for plates, non-stick pots & pans and, for us, even the sink & cooktop.

To use, just wet the brush and give it a quick rub around the top of the soap, then brush down anything that either isn’t ready for the dishwasher or isn’t going into the dishwasher. I find the brush much easier to use that sponges & scrubbers, my hands stay cleaner, & I use less water. In fact, the whole routine is much quicker. When I’m done, I just rinse the brush under the tap and then sit it, bristles up beside the soap, ready for its next use.

We don’t recommend removing the soap from its original container. It cured (hardened) in that container and it likes to stay there.

The dish soap is sold in an initial set with the brush – but those brushes last quite a while (we are still on our first,) Then you’ll just buy the soap alone and continue to use your existing brush. These brushes don’t seem to have the same issue as sponges that need replacing frequently because of buildup of bacteria. I think that is because the bristles don’t hold on to the water like a sponge and that those bristles naturally allow for air flow. They also rinse off more easily than sponges.


$12 – initial set of 1 dish soap + 1 brush

$8 per dish soap (no brushes) or $35 for 5

Additional brushes available for $5 each

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Weight 0.2 lbs

1 Dish Soap & 1 Brush, 1 Dish Soap, 5 Dish Soaps

Vegetarian and Vegan
Gluten Free