Natural Bug Spray



Not going to suggest that, using this, a person can never get bitten.  We use it all the time and I can honestly say that we experience a huge difference when we forget to use it.  With the spray we have very few bites and without it we feel like the picnic!  We formulated this for ourselves – it was one of those acts of self-defense.  We’re out there working on the farm and need a good bug spray but don’t want to spray a lot of chemicals on our bodies, not to mention that our dogs will be breathing that in and licking it.  Of course we are also breathing it in.  Enough said.

We did a lot of research and trialed our formulations on the farm.  It wasn’t until we got to version 4 that we had a product that is good enough for us to rely on and to sell to our customers.  We also rather like the aroma.

As with any spray, shield your eyes & mouth.  We spray in early morning, just before going out to work, after lunch break when we’re on our way back out and then again after dinner when we take the dogs out and the bugs are rampant.  Suitable for sensitive skin.

Ingredients:  Alcohol free witch hazel, Distilled water, Sweet almond oil, Essentials oils of Lemongrass, Lemon eucalyptus & Basil.

$10 per 4oz, amber spray bottle

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Vegetarian and Vegan
Gluten Free